Distribuciones Gordito sends its products through Nacex courier company . Still if you wish you can consult or 954 96 05 10 on other forms of shipping.

The shipping via Nacex time ranges from 24 to 72 working hours (since payment is received) If this occurs in Spanish territory in the peninsula. And its cost increases as the weight of the package makes it.

Up 1 kg, or 4,40 libs : 6.5 euros or 4,65 pounds sterling

2 kgs to 5 kgs, or 4,40 lbs to 11 lbs: 7.5 euros or 5,35 pounds sterling

5 kgs to 10 kgs, 11 lbs to 22 lbs: 8.5 euros or 6,06 pounds sterling

10 kgs to 15 kgs, or 33 lbs to 44 lbs: 9.5 euros or 6,78 pounds sterling

15 kgs or 20 kgs, 44 lbs to 55 lbs: 9.9 euros or 7,06 pounds sterling

From here they will be several packages.

20 kgs to 30 kgs, or 55 lbs to 66 lbs: 17.5 euros or 12,5 pounds sterling

30 kgs to 35 kgs, or 66 lbs to 77 lbs: 18.5 euros or 13,2 pounds sterling

35 kgs to 40 kgs or, 77 lbs to 88 lbs: 19.5 euros or 14 pounds sterling

40 kgs to 60 kgs, or 88 lbs to 132 lbs: 30 euros or 22 pounds sterling

60 kgs to 80 kgs, or 132 lbs to 176 lbs: 40 euros or 29 pounds sterling

80 kgs to 100 kgos, or 176 lbs to 220 lbs: 50 euros or 36 pounds sterling

There is no maximum order limit but to send orders weighing more than 100 kg is necessary to contact with Distribuciones Gordito throug or +34 954 96 05 10

For orders outside the Spanish peninsula it is necessary to contact with Distribuciones Gordito through or +34 954 96 05 10 to adjust a budget.


Orders are delivered in hand in the shipping address during the purchase process. Delivery is made during office hours, if you need to surrender in one hour in particular need to indicate it. Who receive it must sign a delivery note.

If there is none, the carrier will leave a paper with the phone number of the distribution company and will take you to agree a new date and time for the delivery within 48 hours.

If the second attempt the carrier not found in anyone, you should collect the order in the office of the transport company closest to the delivery address.

If the order has not been picked up within 72 hours is returned to distributions chubby waiting to return to the shipping at another time, having so again to pay the shipping costs and not applying the guarantees of quality and rights of return provided on this page.

Delivery in local

If you want it can be ordered via the web and collect it free of charge directly at the headquarters of Distribuciones Gordito en C/ Estrella Canopus,bloque 7 local 5, 41015 Sevilla.


The customer is entitled to return the product in the following cases:

-The product or the packaging is damaged, in such a case, it should be noted the carrier prior to collecting the order.

-The product is not in good condition or considers that it is not of the quality specified in the description of the same.

You have seven days from the moment of delivery to report to Distribuciones Gordito on the need to make a return and proceed to it. This could be in contact with contact with Distribuciones Gordito through or +34 954 96 05 10 . Does not accept returns without prior notice.

Distribuciones Gordito undertakes to replace the product with one of the same characteristics, superior or to carry out the full money back within a period of 30 days from receipt of the same, assuming also the shipping costs.

Not product substitutions will be made when the returned part despite a 20 percent less or more than the original piece. In such a case the customer shall be informed and the product may be returned to you c.o.d..

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