In Distribuciones Gordito not only we dedicated to the sale of hams and shoulders , but also have a great tradition as distributors and Iberian cured meats, with extensive experience in the sector and with hundreds of clients ranging from small shops to large supermarkets and butchers .


  • We specialize in distribution is based on two areas:
  1.  - Distribution of salted, we dedicated to the sale of seasonings and cooked as traditional stew . These accoutrements are from salty bones and spines , ribs , bones white fresh bacon rinds , bacon and a variety of sausages and black pudding to eat raw or for meals.
Avios del puchero distribuciones Gordito


  1. - Distribution of iberian meats: We have a great experience in the marketing of Iberian pig meat quality . We offer wide range such as steaks , dams , secret, ribs , lizard feather fan, carilladas , etc ..
Carnes Ibericas Distribuciones Gordito


So if you are a trading zone of Huelva , Seville or surroundings and you are interested in more detailed information about our products and prices, please contact us on our phone  954 96 05 10.