The purpose of this document is to establish a legal framework for the use of the Web Site which we will call from now on General Conditions of Use of the Website (hereinafter the Web ) , which corresponds to ownership
Distribucionesgordito (hereinafter the enterpise) with tax residence in Street Estrella Canopus, Bloque 7, Local 5, Sevilla y N.I.F. 28614387H.

The General Conditions of Use of not prevent certain sections of the web , having particular characteristics , may be subject to particular conditions of use ( henceforth , Conditions).

General Terms and Conditions are contained in sections set out below:

1. Access and Use of Website

The use of the Web does not require prior registration by the user. However, the use of certain services may require user registration. Registration will take place in the way that is required and the Special Conditions applicable to the user registration process will apply.

The services offered on the web have a free of charge, although the Company reserves the right to apply an economic benefit in the future if need be considered, in the particular conditions that are applicable and relevant ads to users.

You agree at your sole risk and responsibility using Web of its services and its contents.

The user accepts the use of all information and content offered on the Web in accordance with these Terms of Use and if the special conditions that may apply to certain services. Total or partial reproduction of content (text, data, pictures, messages ...) unlawfully or benefits from third parties without being expressly authorized in writing by the Company is expressly prohibited.

The user agrees to make proper use of the web page no longer use the services and content offered to illegal activities or doubtful morality. It is not allowed under any circumstances to use the Website as a platform to broadcast messages that are not in accordance with the law and morals such as spreading messages, photographs, sound files or software contained xenophobic, racist, pedophile, of induction terrorism or any other material that violates the dignity and safety of persons or to induce violence.

The user is committed to preserving the collection intellectual property no longer use Web services or contents of the website for actions that may constitute a crime. You agree or not to use the contents and web services for the benefit of others or as a platform for spreading ideas that go against the law, morality, public order and these Terms of Use.

For information and an example of situations that do not allow on the web and that would be an offense we could cite:

  • Using the services available on the Web for propaganda of racist, homophobic, justifying terrorism, pedophilia, etc. or any action that threatens the rights and dignity of individuals or be an offense.
  • Introduction of malicious software such as malware, spyware or viruses with the sole purpose of causing damage to computer systems service provider or obtain confidential information stored on Web servers.
  • Make use of information posted on the Website to transmit advertising that has not been previously authorized are expressly prohibited pyramid sending mail, chain letters, or any other form of bulk mail without being expressly authorized from the Company.
  • It is expressly prohibited from attempting to impersonate other users registered in the system.
  • Hacker attacks that jeopardize the confidentiality of personal data that is stored on the Website and the operation of the website itself.

2. Liability Company

The Company is solely responsible for the contents of the web that have been originated directly published and controlled by it.

In no time the company is responsible for and edited by users who have been manipulated content.

The Company is not responsible for providing continued service of access to the Website, nor of the problems that cause the sudden interruption of these services but will attend and try to help where possible with any damages that this may have caused to the Users through its channel Customer in (in Spanish or English).

The Company is not liable for any damage caused to users due to attacks by third parties or introduction of malicious software or malware that could damage communications equipment or obtain personal information from users illegally.

The Company is not liable for moral damages that could cause the opinions posted by users using part or all of the contents of the Web Site. Similarly, it is not responsible for manipulations, misunderstandings or interpretations that third parties have been able to make of the contents of the Website.

The Company cautions third of the responsibility which incur by not authorized the contents of this website for their own benefit committing crimes of copyright, trademark, patents, confidential information or any other intellectual property and / or industrial use.

3. User Responsibilities

User is defined as any natural person or program that makes use of the Web without having to be registered for it.

This user will always be responsible for the damages that might be caused to himself or others as a result of a breach of the Terms of Use and / or Particular detailed on the Website as well as the set of online services that are provided from the same .

The User will always abide by the total liabilities and damages have occurred to himself or others and relieve the company from any liability, penalty or demand filed by anyone, be it physical or legal, public or private, as a result of such damage to computer systems or third person to make illicit use and in breach of the General Conditions and / or individuals to use the Website.

The Company will always remain harmless against charges or penalties caused by users that violated the Terms of Use and / or Particular Web Site.

4. Intellectual Property

The User acknowledges and supports the intellectual property of all contents of the Website. Entiéndanse this content as text, photographs, archives and the organizational set and software programs that make the website work properly in a global way.

Total or partial manipulation of some of the content in order to put at one's disposal or third parties without the prior express written permission from the Company is expressly prohibited.

In particular the total or partial use of the contents presented here in order to include them in outside the company without prior written permission from web pages is prohibited.

The use of web content is allowed only in two cases which are detailed below:

  • Without prior written authorization only those websites that have been included using tools of syndication (RSS) if the contents are not manipulated and that addresses provide a link directly to the homepage of the website.
  • With prior written authorization of the Company as long as it does not tamper with or override adjustments or modifications of the contents themselves belonging to this Web Site characteristics are realized.
  • The user must refrain from obtaining illegally Web content for the sole purpose of manipulating, modifying the hallmarks of this website and use them with lucrative purposes themselves or others, or any other unlawful purpose.

5. Use of Cookies and media linked from the Web

You acknowledge the possibility of using "cookies Techniques" from the web with the sole purpose of the operation of the Web. The Company ensures that the installation of these cookies at any time not violate the privacy of personal data of the User, or that are to be used for any other purpose other than that expressed in this paper.

The Web currently does not introduce any other cookies on the user's device, either themselves or others. If for any reason this situation variase in the future, the Web request authorization the user before installing any "cookies" not belonging to the group of so-called "Cookies Techniques" -The Company is not responsible for the service provided by other web sites linked from the Web. It exonerates the company from any damages that users could be due to malfunction, temporary decline, lack of maintenance, faulty services or errors in the contents of those websites accessible from links on the Web.

6. Minors

In general it is understood that underage users have had to obtain permission from their parents or legal guardians to use the Web. They are these guardians or legal representatives responsible for all acts performed by the children who are in charge.

7. Collection, storage and retrieval of personal data of Users

Obtaining personal data through electronic forms, it is reflected in the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

8. Exclusions and Modifications

The Company reserves the right to deny access and use of online services to those users, on its own or third parties incurred in breach of the Terms of Use and / or individuals where these are applicable. The Company reserves the right to impairment of these users access to online services without prior notice and is exonerated from any damages that may affect the user who has not complied with the established Terms of Use.

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the services and contents of the website without prior notice to Users. Also you can change the contents of the site and modify online services without the user has had to be notified of such changes. Data, files, prices, promotions ... can be introduced on the web without the User can claim any prejudice and therefore has had to be pre-warned. Users will know and recognize these changes when re-enter the Site, once the changes have occurred.

The Company reserves the right to extend personal user information when this information is crucial to prevent fraud or damage to third parties or when it is determined by legal imperative. The user is obliged to provide such expansion of information when required. You may not refuse such filling data if these are required. The denial by the user could lead to the rejection of the company registration, which could lead to the inability to use certain online services on the Website without the User can claim any damages for that.

9. Duration and Termination.

The Company may terminate access to the Web site suddenly, unilaterally and without notice to User. Also, you can terminate the use of certain online services provided on the web.

10. Law and Jurisdiction.

All matters related to the Web are subject to the General Conditions of Use and / or individuals in the event that they are applicable. All disputes and incidents should be submitted to be resolved by the set of usage rules outlined here. In case of unforeseen situations, the user must submit to the regulations and Spanish laws, whether he lives in Spain as if you live in any other country in the world.

Users should know that waiving any other jurisdiction and should be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Seville.

We always watch over the compliance of the General Conditions of Use and / or individuals that are collected on the Website and pursue and penalize non-compliance with these in order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of personal customer data as well as the security of computer equipment used to access the Website.

The Company attempts to severely persecute collapse of the Website and its services and advertising attempts against the dignity and safety of people, coming to lead to complaints and legal and criminal actions that may proceed under current Spanish law.

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